Information about Dari and Pashto Exercises /Information om Dari och Pashto Exercises معلومات در مورد تمرینات دری و پشتو



- Dari Exercises:This is an educational software that include exercises belong Dari /Persian/Farsi language books (Related books to this software can be found on This software includes a lot of Dari exercises, final test and interactive games. Dari text and pronunciation in deferent level, from basic Dari alphabet to advanced Dari grammar exercises.


- Pashto Exercises: This is an educational software that include exercises belong Pashto language books (Related books to this software can be found on ). This software includes a lot of Pashto lessons and exercises, short story, Afghan culture, Afghan food etc. , final test in the end of each part and interactive games. Pashto text and pronunciation in deferent level, from basic Pashto alphabet to advanced Pashto grammar exercises.


The minimum system requirements for DARI EXERCISE:
• Computer: PC or compatible, Pentium 133 MHz CPU or better.
• Memory: 64MB RAM and 100MB hard disk space.
• Monitor: 256 colors or better ("True Color" mode is highly recommended) , minimum size 14 inches.
• Interface: Mouse, keyboard and loudspeaker
• Operating System: For Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
• Flash Player
•Dari Fonts (F_KOODAK_0.TTF and F_KAMRAN_0.TTF) and Pashto fonts (PashtoAscii.ttf, F_YEKAN.TTF, F_YEKANB.TTF, PAPYRUS.TTF and ORBUS.TTF): These fonts
install automatically when you install this software. If you miss it somehow please download it from here:

- Dari fonts

- Pashto fonts

There are installation guide (Installation_Guide.pdf) file inside CD that describes all steps of installation with the pictures. You can downloaded from here also:

Installation Guide for Dari and Pashto Exercises   


After installation you have to unlock this software. You will receive a username and key from KODAKAN when you
purchase this software. For more information how to unlock it please see Installation_Guide.pdf:
Installation Guide for Dari and Pashto Exercises   

• Flash Player : You need to have flash player installed in your machine. It normally includes Microsoft windows.
If you missing flash player in your machine please download it from ( ).
• When you close this software a message appears from Microsoft Windows and claiming on Flash, just cancel it.

Click "Dari Exercises" from the "Programs" menu of the Start Menu.

Go to the "Control Panel" (from the "Settings" menu of the Start Menu) and double-click "Add/Remove Programs".
Select "Dari Exercises" from the list, and then click "Add/Remove".

Go to the Start Menu and choose Dari Exercises folder and click “Uninstall Dari Exercises”.

By installing the software you are consenting to be bound by and are becoming a party to this agreement. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this agreement, do not install or use the software.

This license applies to the registered version of DARI Exercises. You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this software. Unless you have a different license agreement signed by the author, your use of this software indicates your acceptance of this license agreement and warranty. The user have not right to use this software on more than 3 computers. You have no right to copy, create derivative works, translate, decompile, disassemble, reverse-engineer, or copy the look-and-feel of DARI Exercises. You must not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble DARI Exercises. You have no right to copy, sublicense, resell, lease, and rent or loan DARI Exercises without the express written permission of the author. This software has limited period to use (up to year 2028). You may not transfer your license of DARI Exercises to a third party. If you have received a password to unlock the software you may not sublicense, resell, lease, rent, give away, or transfer the password to any other party or publish it on the web. If we found any illegal copy of the software that had belong you, then you are also responsible for this crime. The software may have some mistakes inside (educational mistaken or design mistake), you have not right to ask for a new corrected version of the software. You have not right to get back the money you had paid. You may damage the software or CD, we are not responsible for it. You have not right for purchase on approval for this software.



سفارشات محصولات صفحه کودکان در داخل سویدن معمولاً بین ۳ تا چهار روز (روزهای رسمی) به آدرس سفارش دهنده فرستاده میشود ( در صورت که محصولات شفارش شده نزد ما موجود باشد). سفارشات از کشور های غیراز سویدن بین دو هفته تا سه هفته طول خواهد کشید.

از آنجایکه بهای محصولات همیشه در تغیر بوده  بناً برای قیمت های محصولات به صفحه ما مرجعه نمایید. قیمت های محصولات که روی صفحه کودکان مشاهده میکنید بجز هزینه پوستی شامل همه هزینه ها میباشد.

سفارشات از طریق صفحه کودکان  پزیرفته میشود. انتخاب محصولات (کتاب، پروگرام و غیره)، تعدا کتاب یا پروگرام، مشخصات سفارش دهنده برای ما فرستاده میشود و بعد از گرفتن سفارش به شما یک میل بشکل اتوماتیک فرستاده میشود. از طریق ایمل یا تلفن سفارشات هم پزیرفته میشود.

علاقمندانیکه از کشور غیر از سویدن سفارش میدهند لطفاً به این صفحه مراجعه فرمایید.

Demo version av Dari/Pashto Exercises och exempel på böckerna

Gå till böckerna sida "books" och klicka på Dari Exercises namn / bokensomslag/bokens namn eller pdf-ikonen under det bok till vill titta på, Du kan titta på de i Youtube också.

نمونه کتابها و پروگرامها


شما متوانید نمونه تمامی کتابها و پروگرامهای ما را مشاهده نمایید. به پوش کتاب یا نام کتاب یا پروگرام و یا به آیکون پی دی اف در زیر کتاب مربوطه فشار بدهید.

معلومات مربوطه را در یوتیوب نیز مشاهده میتوانید.